Thursday, 1 January 2009

Primary Technology launches Primary Inventory snap in tool, free for technical support customers. – January 2009

The Primary Inventory Snap in tool is a tool which automatically performs a hardware inventory on all of the equipment inside of your school. Making the inventory process much quicker/cheaper and easier. The only thing it can’t do is an inventory on IWB/Projectors and LCD/TFT panels.
All schools who subscribe to Primary Technology technical support will have this tool installed by default in January 2009.

Your school will not see the difference on a daily basis however if you log into your portal page via you will see an inventory option.

This tool will also feed back to your engineer if you have any computers running with specifications less than those approved by Becta.

Have a Floral Christmas 2008 – All Bradford schools who subscribe to technical support receive a bouquet of flowers and a card from Primary Technology

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic new year. To help you get started we have sent all Bradford schools who subscribe to technical support from Primary Technology a beautiful Christmas boquet of flowers and a Christmas card. The card features one of our Hero’s children and the image is downloadable Here.

Please recommend our technical support package to your friends & colleagues.

Technical support packages now come with free annual eFits report and consultancy session – March 2006

Primary Technology now does “extended framework for information technology system” (eFits) reports for all of the Primary Schools supported by any Technical support package. The purpose of this report is to fulfil the schools requirements to budget for up to 3 years for ICT expenditure. The eFits report is an extended fits report. Fits reports are naace reports, accredited by Becta which enable a school to look at ICT leadership and provision where support is concerned. The extensions Primary Technology provide ensure the school has the correct strategic vision based upon the correct technical information.

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To view an example eFits report please see..

Naace mark for technical support awarded to Primary Technology December 2005

Primary Technology has been awarded the most prestigious quality assurance mark available for technical support providers in education. We are extremely proud of this achievement. The Naace mark is provided by Naace and signifies Primary Technology’s commitment to the education sector. Through the Naace mark certain service changes have been made. We now constantly audit and monitor our progress and processes inside of schools, also a complaints procedure now exists and is available at

More information on the naace mark is available at

Primary Technology launches as a technical support provider for Bradford Primary Schools – August 2004

Due to large demand in the Bradford primary schools sector we have decided to launch Primary Technology as an ICT technical support service available to all Bradford schools. Our current 5 customers who are each individually subscribing to the service have had quality of service guaranteed.

We believe the reason for this demand is due to a poor level of service being offered previously by other providers. Market research shows that 60% of the Bradford schools are looking to change their provider.

Primary Technology will have several unique points of sale:
Firstly, a very high quality of service, this will be ensured through building strong relationships with the schools and with hardware/software providers inside and outside of the Bradford district. Staff will be key to this so our employment and training process is key.

Secondly, Primary Technology will focus its technical support service purely on Bradford Primary Schools. This will allow Primary Technology to build a dedicated and specialized team to deal with today’s and tomorrow’s problems in an extremely focused manner. Future expansion into other LEA’s is an option and something that will be considered annually in the AGM.

Thirdly, automation will be used to ensure high availability. By providing automation we will try to encourage and harness new technology that works inside of either the LEA parameters or those chosen by Primary Technology. Decisions will be made with Becta and other educational advice taken and will be subsequently implemented across all Bradford schools. An example of this is to encourage all Bradford schools to use the same anti virus software. By doing this we can monitor the software remotely and train all engineers to become experts in this one package. This will save time allow for quicker expansion as we progress into our growth years.

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