Thursday, 26 February 2009

Carbon Neutral ICT in Primary Schools

Is making your school environmentally friendly important to you? It should be - The government is planning to make all new schools carbon neutral by 2016.
So what can you do right now to start moving on the right path and what is Primary Technology doing FOR you free of charge to make your school a greener place to be?

All schools who receive technical support receive:

• Shutdown scripts which turn off unused computers at 4pm
• Electronic Timers for Laptop trolleys which only charge when charging is needed
• Replaced CRT monitors with LCD monitors.
• Carbon reports with ICT purchases upon request.
• Recycling of old ICT equipment, printer toners, computers etc.

Some other ways to reduce Carbon usage:

• Replace your ICT suite with a mobile ICT solution, freeing up the old ICT suite to be used as more efficient area.
• Use recycled paper to print onto
• Change printing settings to use less ink
• Turn off Bluetooth and lower LCD brightness on laptops

The best school method:

Get the whole school involved!

Allocate a certain area of energy usage to each year group/class and then brain storm per class. Monitor usage before and after and provide an educational reward for the class who manages to save the most amount of energy.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snow day!

We have had a few requests today about how we will continue our service through this snowy blip on our radars.

We will continue to work remotely for your site doing as much as is possible across your school and others. We will be mostly doing preventative maintenance, updating your school inventory.

If you would like a log of our access to your school and what work was carried out please request this from your engineer.

Have fun in the snow!