Thursday, 16 April 2009

Log into Health Check (aka Nagios & Network Monitoring) with your Job System username and password

You can now log into the Health check/Nagios/Network monitoring with your Job System(aka eduneer/crm) username and password.

The URL to login direct is

The URL to login to the job system is

Enjoy :)

Friday, 10 April 2009

Referrals for Technical Support

Getting Referrals for our technical support is simple.

To receive a referral please contact one of the schools we provide technical support for.

If you chose to contact Education Bradford ICT Helpdesk then please we are keen to point out that Education Bradford ICT Helpdesk are not to be confused with the Curriculum ICT team who continue to have a good working relationship with us.

For each school you contact we give that school discount off their technical support for the following year. We want you to talk to each other as we believe that is the most honest way to hear how hard we work for your school.

Below are some schools testimonials:

The service Primary Technology provides our school has always been reliable and efficient. The majority of our ICT issues are effectively resolved within our weekly allocated timeslot. However if we have had a high priority problem that has needed urgent attention outside of this time, Primary Technology have always been contactable by telephone or in extreme case have made an extra visit to school to help us resolve the matter.
Rachel Snowdon, Thorpe primary

We have worked alongside Primary Technology for a number of years and never cease to be surprised and delighted at the level of support and attention to detail provided. Whether helping with strategic planning, ICT policy or everyday computing issues, Primary Technology always provide excellent support and guidance.
Maureen Cairns. Head, St Winefride's Catholic Primary School

We changed over from our previous provider to primary technology in April 2008, there is no looking back. The level of services provided reminds me weekly that we have made the right choice. I look forward to developing our school facilities with our new found confidence in ICT
Siobhan McAuley. ICT coordinator, St Columba's Primary School

Lapage review their IT support provider in 2007 and decided to go with Primary Technology, having received a number of bad experiences during the previous year. The school has not looked back since; we are very pleased with Primary Technology and now feel that we have moved forward considerably in both having a reliable and efficient IT structure and in the confidence of our staff in their use of IT throughout school. Primary Technology has played a crucial role in the strategic ICT development in school and this is well on target to achieve all our aims. The support we receive for this is very good.
Ginny Wood. School Business Manager, Lapage Primary School & Nursery

Since we subscribed to Primary Technology's technical support we have received fantastic help and consultation on a weekly basis, with improvements that allow us to move ICT forward and plan for the future. The services are quality, good value and highly recommended!
Yvonne Broadbent. ICT coordinator, Low Moor Primary School

We changed our technical support provider this year and have not looked back! The passion and commitment to ICT shown by staff at Primary Technology is great. They have helped increase staff confidence in ICT with network improvements that have ensured our ICT suite is always fully booked and fully functional!
Helen Malt. ICT coordinator, Woodside Primary School

Primary Technology provides a complete primary school IT support package. They combine extensive up-to-date knowledge about cutting edge IT hardware with an awareness of what could be used to enhance pupil learning. The Newby Primary ICT curriculum has been greatly helped with the introduction of wireless networking throughout the school, which has greatly helped the teaching and learning of ICT.
Michael Latham. Head teacher, Newby Primary School

Primary Technology provide excellent primary school services. They proactively look after the primary school network and provide an excellent level of professionalism towards all staff members at the school. When providing a quote for ICT provisions they are always unbiased, helping us choose the correct products for our budget whilst not adding any fees to the purchases.
Alex Llewellyn. ICT co-ordinator, St Joseph's RC Primary School

Primary Technology is a great asset to the school. Whilst working on the school network and providing ICT solutions, they are always very professional, pleasant and never leave until all jobs are completed. The introduction of Primary Email has improved communications throughout school and increased the efficiency of the school admin department.
Elaine Gledhill. Administrator, Marshfield Primary School

We have received excellent support, strategic consultancy, development and creative ICT network solutions from Primary Technology for a number of years. Their engineers who are always on call to respond to any queries have transformed our school ICT development. Thank you.
Mrs. J Coyle. Head teacher, St James' Primary School

We are continually delighted with the support and level of service received from Primary Technology. Their ICT engineers understand the demands placed on staff in a busy school environment and their excellent support relieves school of technical issues, thereby allowing staff to deliver the ICT curriculum efficiently.
Janet Beecher. Administrator, St Columba's Catholic Primary School

Primary Technology has worked alongside school staff to help us improve the ICT provision. They have given valuable time and advice to help us make the right decisions that have enabled ICT to move forward across the school
Catherine Balderston. Head teacher, Wycliffe CE Primary School

Primary Technology has been supporting our school for just over a year. In that time they have transformed our use of ICT, helping to inspire teachers and pupils alike. When setting up our Mobile Learning Project, the Primary Technology team were always on hand to consult on the latest ICT developments and provided valuable insights into the potential of hand-held learning, including their own Primary Email system.

Since our initial discussions we have seen mobile learning progress from a single idea into a school-wide project. The wireless solution installed by Primary Technology is flawless throughout school and the technical support is second to none. I really couldn't recommend a better ICT support team!
Bob Quartermain. Head, Wilsden Primary School